• 1/8 x .790 x .800 .400 Small Hub, Supernatural Rubber-AL340
1/8x790 Super Natural       This is a blended rubber, part natural and part synthetic. It is soft, but a little
firmer than Piranha rubber. Grip is less than with Piranha, and wear a little
better than Piranha. An economical alternative to the Piranha Tires.
Rear Wheel
Axle Bore 1/8
Diameter .790 (20.1mm)
Hub Dia. .400 (10.2mm)
Hub Material Magnesium
Hub Style Plain
Hub Type Standard
Rubber Foam
Width .800 (20.3mm)
Unit Count 1
Unit of Measure PAIR

1/8 x .790 x .800 .400 Small Hub, Supernatural Rubber

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