• 3/32x760 BFH Piranha Treated
3/32x.760 Big Full Hub Piranha Treated.         Alpha has a proprietary process of chemically treating the rubber to alter it's characteristics. The treated Piranha rubber is a bit firmer, and has a bit less grip. But it also is longer wearing  and because it has less rolling resistance, is faster on the straight-aways and in the bankings. Try it if the regular Piranhas seem a bit too soft and grippy. These tires are for those of you like the "euro" style hubs.    Drilling the 18 holes in the rims, removes about .2 grams per pair.  These are plenty strong enough to race with.  Lighter is better!  
Unit Count 1
Unit of Measure PAIR
Rear Wheel
Axle Bore 3/32
Diameter .765
Hub Dia. .500
Hub Material Magnesium
Hub Style Plain
Hub Type Full
Rubber Treated
Width .800

3/32x760 BFH Piranha Treated Alpha Products ALD5118T

  • $14.69