• 3/32x760 BH Wonder Hard Drilled

Alpha 3/32" Drilled Big Hub Hard Wonder Race Tires   .760 diameter

Alpha now has drilled, big hub Wonder Rubber tires. Drilling the 18 holes in the rims, removes about .2 grams per pair. These are plenty strong enough to race with, not just for qualifying. Lighter is better!   These tires feature the super tough, long, long wearing black rubber, which also has exceptional grip.  In addition, it is unusually light in weight.  This phenomenal compound has come to be called "Wonder Rubber" and it has taken wing car racing by storm.  For years the performance of high powered slot cars have exceeded the capabilities of the tires making frequent tire changes necessary, but this remarkable compound is up to the test.  It is particularly recommended for high speed racing in glue. This amazing rubber combined with Alpha's superior design, quality, and precision will give you the winning edge you are looking for.  For any type wing car racing with glue, this is the tire of choice.  Big hubs have more bite and lower rolling resistance so important on modern high-speed tracks.  Less sidewall deflection also makes them faster in the bankings. 

Unit Count 1
Unit of Measure PAIR
Rear Wheel
Axle Bore 3/32
Diameter .765
Hub Dia. .500
Hub Material Magnesium
Hub Style Drilled
Hub Type Standard
Rubber Wonder
Width .800

3/32x760 BH Wonder Hard Drilled Alpha Products ALD611WRH

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