Cahoza highly durable polymer spur gear in 72 pitch, for 3/32" axle, and 16° angle to provide more tooth to tooth contact for additional durability. High quality and very accurate for top level racers, tested on a roll tester, crash resistant

Cahoza gears are produced using high quality polymer (nylon) violet materials and a new type of non-colored nylon, which is resistant to crashes. These gears are computer designed for less friction, high durability, and no spinning on the hub.

Cahoza uses the best technology when producing these gears, hubs are more accurate and made from better material. Gears are made on a professional CNC machine. On every single gear the size and number of teeth and pitch is clearly marked.

Cahoza uses hubs that are manufactured on a precision CNC machine with tolerances of +/- 0.002mm. The tooth design provides higher durability and more accuracy.

The polymer used is specially formulated according to Cahoza specifications.

Type Spur
Pitch 72
Teeth 42
Angle 16°
Axle Bore 3/32
Fit Set Screw
Unit Count 12
Unit of Measure PCS

42T 72P 16° Highly Durable Polymer Spur Gear

  • Brand: Cahoza
  • Categories: 72 Pitch Spur 
  • Item #: CAH7242AHD
  • Available: Out of Stock, Backorder OK
  • Unit: 12 PCS

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