• DiFalco E-Motion 3 DD252-HD30 controller (Dual Polarity)


  • 30 band high definition design gives excellent control for scale type or wing car racing.
  • Miniature plug in resistor network circuit board allows one controller to be tuned for any scale from a 16D NASCAR to 1/24 Eurosport to the fastest 1/24 wing car to 1/32 home set or H.O. car.
  • Conversion modules for Parma Turbo frames or our D.I.Y. Frame kit offers a low cost alternative.
  • Design is compatible with all older Difalco 10 and 15 band designs so racers can buy just the PCB (printed circuit board) and upgrade their controller very inexpensively.
  • DD252-HD30: Upgraded Pro brake rheostat with new 3 ohm resistance for wider range for scale racing. Full power relay. Comes standard with 148 ohm HD30 network (medium response) installed which is best suited for 16D and G12 motors. Comes with dual polarity
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DiFalco E-Motion 3 DD252-HD30 controller (Dual Polarity)

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