• DiFalco E-Motion T.Q. Dragtroller

Wide range sensitivty control - ful control over glue and run speed for 16D to G7 cars. Push - button glue rollout with adjustment pot. New fused output with dual high amperage transistors. Short stroke wiper bands - nickel plated circuit board.  Transistor design - no wiper band arcing. 120 amp full power relay and 10 ga. wire for maximum power to your car.

The DD425 model will feature our new layout with improved reliability, features and ergonomics. The new design uses a remote power unit circuit board that contains the power relay with on/off switch, 9v battery holder,

4 transistors with 100 amps of power handling and 10 gauge wire.

A longer multi-conductor cable connects the power unit to the handle. This new design also has a wider adjustable dead band to increase or decrease the time before the first band is contacted. This feature allows racers to tune the controller to cut their best light and reduce red lights. The rollout button sensitivity has also been slowed per racers feedback. 

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DiFalco E-Motion T.Q. Dragtroller

  • $229.00

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