• DRS Gunslinger AA/ FC Chassis Kit

Assembled Weight approximately 10-11 grams! “YES, WE MEAN ASSEMBLED WEIGHT!”

The Gunslinger Chassis represents the finest example of High Technology in Slotcar Racing today! You will have no doubt in your mind when you pick up and look over one of these Crown Jewels that you are looking at the finest Chassis available at ANY PRICE. The attention to detail is simply nothing short of INCREDIBLE. 

First we starts with a Specially Designed Motor Box and Strut Assembly, then fabricate the outer rails from Hollow Stainless Steel Tubing.

The Common misconception is that a lighter car is better. Fact: fragile lightweight cars do not win the "Big Races" and all the cars that are holding The World Records along with winning the big races have been weighing between 50 to 57 grams. We are using Hollow Tubing to allow a more rigid Chassis for BOGG Glue Racing that has become common at the "Big Races". 

We were building the 37 to 50 gram cars back in the 80's and quickly learned that this type of car will on occasion will make a good pass, after much lane preparation. Put that same car on the line at a "Big Race" with 60 seconds to stage with varying glue conditions and you will soon be watching the race from the sidelines, much less not having a chance to set the record! 

We have seen it all, done it all, and are willing to share our experience with each and every customer.

DRS Gunslinger AA/ FC Chassis Kit Drag Racing Specialties DRS193

  • $34.95

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