• DRS Pro Top Gun Chassis Kit, .025

If you're looking for a light C-Can chassis, here's your answer! The DRS 177 kit is cut from .025" material, versus the normal .050" material.  The individual components are trimmed and hollowed out in every place that would not compromise the strength or durability of the chassis. You'll also notice that it comes with a rear wheelie mount that slides into the end of the chassis tubing. This save the hassle of bending this piece from .047' wire. Setup with a 4.750" long wheelie bars, then used 4.0" wheelie bar braces. The angle of the wheelie bar brace slots in the pillowblocks are set at this length and angle. Running a 10-54 gear ratio with A Top Gun Motor it has ran a .622 @91.00 MPH! Not bad for a C-Can Motor.

DRS Pro Top Gun Chassis Kit, .025 Drag Racing Specialties DRS177

  • $34.95

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