• Velociraptor Extreme NEO Motor w/BB

Includes Ball Bearings in can + endbell

This motor uses the new PS-4017 “NEO” setup with a specially made .500 diameter VR
eXtreme machine wound armature on our race proven Intruder blank and includes
Goldust brushes. This motor was built for the “Ultimate” bracket racer and “Outlaw
NEO” class racer. Our testing using an 85 gram hardbody test car netted .590 ET’s @
90+ MPH. This motor has no equal in performance for the money. Recommended
starting gear ratio 14/54.

The Velociraptor was designed around our world leading Euro
can. The magnets are high grade Neo that matches the shape
and thickness of our standard Euro ceramic magnet. They
were designed by and manufactured for Pro Slot. This means
that ALL of our 4000 series Euro armatures will fit with no
changes. This is the most powerful Euro setup currently made.
The setups average gauss reading is “1800” putting them on
par with G7 cobalt setups. What this means to you the racer is
unbelievable torque in a small package.

Unit Count 1
Unit of Measure EACH

Velociraptor Extreme NEO Motor w/BB

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