• G12 Blueprinted Motor, UL Can w/BB, T5 Beveled Magnets

Cahoza C-can motor, Cahoza #252 type UL C-can, Cahoza Tornado 5 beveled magnets, Cahoza endbell #262, Cahoza spring cups, 2x5 precisely turned oilite in endbell, ball bearing in can, Koford brushes, 3 coil springs, Koford X12 .518" armature, Cahoza screws, professionally assembled. weight 18.9 grams

Cahoza C-can motors are professionally assembled and ready for the most demanding racing. Oilites and bearings in cans are soldered and in endbells are glued. The complete motor is assembled using new Cahoza products: Cahoza T5 magnets are zapped for the highest strength and matched in every single motor for the same Gauss value. Magnets are glued in by Cahoza single component epoxy so as to avoid movement and they are precisely positioned in the center, also the axis of the armature corresponds with the motor axis. Inside diameter between magnets is .531" (13.5mm). The quality of workmanship and parts are the best possible the brushes, springs and other parts of the highest quality are used here too.

Armature Specifications 

Cahoza uses Koford X12 armatures M468BOX .518" diameter. These armatures have shortened shaft at both commutator and pinion sides. They have shortened the distance ring, polished axle, new layer of dye, precisely trued commutators, double digital balanced.

Motor Size C
Unit Count 1
Unit of Measure EACH

G12 Blueprinted Motor, UL Can w/BB, T5 Beveled Magnets

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