Cahoza C-can setup, assembled using "O" type C-can #252, Cahoza Tornado 2 Beveled magnets, Cahoza plastic endbell, Cahoza hardware #266, Cahoza aluminium spring cups, Cahoza self tapping screws, Koford flanged oilites, Cahoza springs #257, magnets are glued in using Cahoza single component epoxy, inside diameter of magnets is honed to .529" (13.45mm), weight of complete motor is only 11.1 grams
Motor Size C
Unit Count 1
Unit of Measure EACH

G12 Production Setup, UL Can, T2 Beveled Magnets

  • Brand: Cahoza
  • Categories: Group 12 
  • Item #: CAH232SB
  • Available: IN STOCK
  • Unit: 1 EACH

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