• 3/32x.760 .650 Drilled Hub,  Wonder Hard Rubber, Spec Tire

.650 diameter, drilled only, magnesium hub tires. Low cost tires for "spec" tire racing.

From the most bite to the least bite (harder) the rubber grades are F, TF, SSW, SW, WH, WX, WX+, WXX, WXX, Speed, WXXX.

Also as the rim diameter is increased the bite is decreased.

Speed rubber is qualifying rubber for very stuck tracks. WH is the softest grade of wing Wonder rubber and is suitable for slick tracks and for Red lane on many tracks, WX (Wonder Extra Hard) is recommended for use on gutter lanes and less stuck conditions. WX+ is the most popular Wing car rubber and is the first choice under most conditions. WXX (Wonder Extra Extra Hard) and WXXX are rocks, they can be used in the middle lanes where there is heavy glue and rubber (big races), or cold temperatures. For tracks where the rules require a .500 rim, B or P hubs can be used.

Rear Wheel
Axle Bore 3/32
Diameter .765 (19.5mm)
Hub Dia. .650 (16.5mm)
Hub Material Magnesium
Hub Style Drilled
Hub Type Standard
Rubber Wonder
Width .800 (20.3mm)

3/32 x .760 .650 Drilled Hub, Wonder Hard Rubber, Spec Tire

Tags: M472-650S-WH