• K Blank Eurosport Armature, .480 dia,  .240 Stack, 22T25

Koford 480 .240 Stack K blank SAW comm Eurosport arm 22T25

The advanced technology and exacting quality of Koford arms puts them in a class by themselves. Koford SAW comms are produced entirely at the Koford factory with computer controlled equipment producing tolerances in the millionths. No competitor has been able to duplicate their unique design which provides superior strength and stability at speeds of 200,000 rpm and more. Koford arms also feature Koford produced 800° epoxy which is available nowhere else. Heat which will destroy other arms will not affect our arms. Our armature shafts are made from special high speed steel with superior magnetic characteristics and are precision ground, plated with a ultra hard low friction coating which features superior solderability to prevent pinion spinning and resist corrosion, and then they are ground again to achieve diameter tolerances typically in the millionths.

Unit Count 1
Unit of Measure EACH

K Blank Eurosport Armature, .480 dia, .240 Stack, 22T25

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