• Sportsman “550 Big Block GP20 Drag Motor, w/BB

With Ball Bearings in Can and Endbell

The PS-101 Sportsman "550" Big Block GP20 Motor.

Bolt in performance increase over your S16D motors without the loss of consistency.

Based on our proven SpeedFX D-can setup, this motor features the next generation .550 diameter GP20 armature. Designed for a "soft" launch in near „no glue‟ bracket racing track conditions and still pull over 90,000+ rpm for outstanding topend performance. This motor comes fully blueprinted with Goldust brushes.

Dyno Proven* – Racer Tested!

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Sportsman “550 Big Block GP20 Drag Motor, w/BB

  • Brand: ProSlot Inc.
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  • Item #: PS101BB
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